The module is designed to install the bank payment collection system into an online store based on a WooCommerce e-commerce platform.

Latest module version: 4.1.1

Download from the WordPress plugin catalogue


Requires WordPress at least: 5.4

Tested up to WordPress: 6.2.2

Requires WooCommerce at least: 4.0 or higher

PHP Version: 7.0 or higher

What's inside:

  • Multilanguage support; (Show payment-related messages in your shop's language)

  • Availability to accept payments from major EU and EEA banks; (Let customers pay directly from their bank accounts across Europe)

  • Seamless Integration; (Smooth integration with WooCommerce's checkout process, providing a seamless payment experience for customers.

    User-friendly configuration options within the WordPress admin panel)

  • Security and Compliance;

    (Regular security updates and patches to address any vulnerabilities.

    Compliance with industry security standards and regulations.

    Secure transmission of payment data using SSL encryption)

  • Error Handling and Notifications;

    (Effective error handling and messaging to guide customers in case of payment failures or issues)

  • Refunds;

    (Ability to process full or partial refunds directly from the admin side)

  • Real-time Transaction Management;

    (Instant payment status notification to both the customer and the merchant Support for webhooks for real-time payment status updates)

  • Customer Support and Assistance;

    (Responsive customer support for questions regarding payment gateway integration or issues)

Installation guides

Before installation To proceed with the integration, you must have an active kevin. account. Ensure you’ve received all the necessary credentials, which you can get by creating an account on kevin.’s dashboard.

Set up kevin. in your store

Be aware, that before installing the new plugin version, you should deactivate the previously used one.

There may be two separate plugins after the installation. (If you use an old version of WordPress/WooCommerce or the plugin, there is a higher chance of duplication).

Don't worry if that happens, delete the old version of the plugin and enjoy the new one!

  • Log in to the WordPress admin panel.

  • Navigate to Plugins → Add New.

  • Under kevin. Payment Gateway for WooCommerce click Settings.

  • Enter user data from kevin. dashboard.

    1. Credentials: Client ID, Client Secret and Endpoint Secret

    2. Bank details: Receiver name and Receiver bank account

    3. Select checkout view for the end-user. (Inside Bank payments and Card payments tabs)

Payment status and Order status pairing

We are pairing payment statuses with the order statuses automatically:

Payment New Order Status - Pending.

Payment Completed Order Status - Processing. (Virtual (downloadable) products - Completed, all other - Processing)

Payment Pending Order Status - Pending.


No payment method appears at checkout
  • Disable or uninstall any other active kevin. module.

  • Your credentials are entered incorrectly.

  • You didn’t enable the payment method.

  • You limited the availability of the payment method to specific countries or currencies.

Payment method appearance is corrupted
  • Uninstall any other kevin. module. Deactivation may not be enough.

  • Some styles from another kevin. module was cached. Clear and empty shop’s cache.

  • You have another 3rd party module installed on a checkout page. Try to deactivate it.

  • Make sure that kevin. module styles were not modified.

Order cannot be created

The order may not be created at checkout for a few possible reasons:

  • Email is entered incorrectly.

  • Receiver name does not contain alphanumeric characters only.

  • Receiver bank account is different from the agreement with kevin.

Payment has wrong order number

By default, kevin. module creates payments with order ID. Most likely you have a plugin installed that changes order number instead. Unfortunately, we do not support any unofficial third-party plugins since the majority of them require additional configurations for a better compatibility. However, the plugin has open-source code, so you can always customize it to your needs.

If you like to make kevin. module compatible with other third-party module that changes order number, please make the tweak below.

Instead of referencing $order->id or $order->get_id() when fetching order data, use $order->get_order_number()

Stock is reduced as soon as order is placed and its not returned on failure

This functionality is intentional. WooCommerce allows customers to retry payments or change payment methods. If the system would instantly release stock after unsuccessful payment or not reserve goods before initiating payment, there would be a chance of customer losing items in the last stage of the checkout process causing frustration. There would also be a chance of a few customers paying for the same product at the same time and only one of them receiving his order while others would have to be refunded.

This also enables sellers to contact customers and assist them in completing their orders or remind them about unfinished orders. The stock is released when the order is cancelled by the customer or the order status is set to cancelled by the store administrator.

Failed order does not release the stock item reduced stock will be kept until the status of the order would not change to Cancelled by the admin or the user himself. (User can make a payment for the order anytime from his account page until it is not cancelled)

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