Make sure you are familiar with Magento 2 order statuses before reading this article

In order to create a refund, your order must be Processing or Complete.

  1. Navigate to SalesOrders, choose your desirable order you want to refund and click View

  2. Go to InvoicesViewCredit Memo and at the bottom of the page you will see two options Refund Offline and Refund. Inside the Refunds Totals section select the amount you want to refund and click the Refund button

  3. If everything is ok, the corresponding success message will be shown. The order status will change to Refund Pending

  4. After a refund is received from kevin., the order state changes to Closed

Although Refund button is default and there is no option to hide it, Magento reacts to project settings and can return corresponding error messages. For instance, if the one has card refunds only and tries to refund a bank payment, the message below will be shown:

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