Order statuses

State vs Status

To understand Magento order statuses, you need to grasp the difference between order state and order status:

  • Order state is an internal Magento representation. Different states means different operations you can do on your order.

  • Order status is your representation. In other word is the label you want to show.

One order state has one default order status and one order status is always linked to an order state.

For instance, in module configurations you can link New order state to whatever status you want. By default, module creates Pending status.

To check the list of predefined order statuses, go to Stores → Order Status. You’ll see all the existing statutes in the store. Set the Default Status filter to Yes to show only the default statuses.

How to Create a New Order Status?

If the default statuses can't cover all your business needs, you can create a custom order status. To do this, hit the Create New Status button and specify the following options:

  • Status Code is for internal use only (specific symbols and spacing is not allowed);

  • Status Label is the name of the status visible both in the Admin panel and storefront;

  • Default Store View is the default name of the status.

In the list of order statuses you can break down the connection between status and state with the help of the Unassign button.

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