Mobile SDK will automatically pick device preselected language. You can override this behavior by providing your specified locale by calling Kevin.setLocale() .

Keep in mind, that SDK supports only language locales listed below, so in case of unsupported locale, the default English (en) will be used.

Supported locales

  • English (en)

  • Bulgarian (bg)

  • Czech (cs)

  • Danish (da)

  • German (de)

  • Greek (el)

  • Spanish (es)

  • Estonian (et)

  • Finnish (fi)

  • French (fr)

  • Hungarian (hu)

  • Icelandic (is)

  • Italian (it)

  • Lithuanian (lt)

  • Latvian (lv)

  • Dutch (nl)

  • Norwegian (no)

  • Polish (pl)

  • Portuguese (pt)

  • Romanian (ro)

  • Russian (ru)

  • Slovak (sk)

  • Slovenian (sl)

  • Swedish (sv)

Custom translations

Embedded translations could be overridden or new translations could be added manually. To do so, add strings.xml file with translations to your application's corresponding resources folder, e.x., your_app/src/main/res/values-lt/strings.xml.

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