Getting Started

Our SDKs are designed to provide your users with a seamless and secure payment experience.


kevin. provides a platform that connects all financial market players. A place where you can develop products for regulated markets without getting licenses first. Customise your solution by only choosing what is needed. kevin. offers one infrastructure for all players.

Mobile SDK for Online payments supports Android, iOS, Flutter, and React Native applications. With the SDK, you can easily access European banks and customize your payment screen to match your brand without the hassle of developing it yourself.

Use cases

Use kevin. mobile SDK for these online payment initiation services:

  1. Initiate one-time payment

    Easily facilitate direct bank payments requiring users to log in to their bank account and approve the payment.

  2. Initiate bank account linking

    Allow your users to skip the login step when making payments in your app by enabling the display of already linked accounts within your app. Once the bank account is linked, you will receive a token required for linked-account payments.

  3. Initiate linked-account payment.

    Streamline the payment process by enabling users to make payments directly from their linked bank accounts, resulting in a faster payment experience.

Good to know: All our libraries are public and available at Github.

How it works

Here is the flow of how a payment works using kevin. mobile SDK for online payments:

Before you begin

Get your API keys

To get started with the kevin., you'll need to follow our quick onboarding guide and register for a kevin. dashboard.

Once you've completed onboarding and obtained your unique Client ID, Client Secret, and Endpoint Secret keys in the sandbox environment, you can begin integrating with the kevin. API.

Get to know API docs

You need to integrate our API within your backend service to use our mobile SDK. Access PHP library and Java library integrations in GitHub.

Good to know: It's sufficient to know how the Authentication, Account Information and Payment Initiation services work. Bank, country and language support is handled by the SDK.

A simplified explanation on how to integrate the API for the SDK usage can be found in the Backend section.

Pick your platform

We support all the major mobile development platforms. Integration is consistent within all the platforms.


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