Kevin Theme Attributes

Available component attributes:

  • kevinToolbarStyle - defines toolbar style
  • kevinPrimaryButtonStyle - defines style for primary buttons
  • kevinWindowTransitionStyle - defines animations that will be used for transitions between windows
  • kevinTextInputContainerStyle - defines style for TextInputLayout. This uses material components library.
  • kevinTextInputStyle - defines style for TextInputEditText thats in TextInputLayout
  • kevinSelectionViewStyle - defines style for SelectionView. It's our custom component and you can see how to style it here.
  • kevinProgressViewStyle - defines style for ProgressBar
  • kevinHeaderStyle - defines style for Header elements
  • kevinBankListItemContainerStyle - defines style for single bank container
  • kevinCountryListItemContainerStyle - defines style for country selection list container

Typography attributes:

  • kevinWindowTitleTextStyle - text style used for window titles
  • kevinWindowSubtitleTextStyle - text style used for window subtitles. These are text elements below window title.
  • kevinModalTitleTextStyle - text style used for BottomSheet title

Dimension attributes:

  • kevinMarginStart - sets the custom margin start inset in relation to the window
  • kevinMarginEnd - sets the custom margin end inset in relation to the window
  • kevinBankListItemCornerRadius - sets corner radius for bank list item. If you have changed background attribute in kevinBankListItemContainerStyle, then this will have no effect.
  • kevinCountryListCornerRadius - corner radius for country list container

Other attributes:

  • kevinOverrideCountryBackground - when set to true, this allows to specify background for country list items.
  • kevinSheetHandleColor - used for BottomSheet window handle color
  • kevinLinkColor - used for external web links text color
  • kevinUseLightBankIcons- allows you to control bank icon appearance. If set to true, bank icons will be white, if false, colored icons will be used.