Getting started

1. Create a project

To start using kevin., you must first create a project. Client ID, Client Secret and Endpoint Secret are all unique identifiers for each project.
Initially, the project will be in sandbox mode. It will only be enabled after the onboarding process. If you're interested in testing our product, please contact us at [email protected].

2. Choose your integration

Instantly integrate kevin. into your e-commerce platform and bypass expensive and slow payments. Let your customers pay account-to-account and enjoy a frictionless checkout experience, with faster, safer, and cost-effective payments:
kevin.’s in-app mobile payment SDKs work on different platforms, so you can easily integrate them with different mobile OS or use it as a plugin on multi-platform frameworks:
Be independent and build your own solution using kevin. API. We provide prebuilt PHP and JVM libraries to make integration as simple as possible. The code, together with all instructions, can be found on GitHub:
GitHub - getkevin/kevin-php
Official kevin. PHP library
GitHub - getkevin/kevin-jvm
Official kevin. JVM library

3. Start the onboarding process

To start using kevin., create an account at Bellow, you can find our step-by-step self-onboarding guide, which will assist you in the onboarding process.
Quick start with kevin.’s client self-onboarding | kevin.

Terms and conditions

Payment initiation service is provided by Kevin EU, UAB. By using this service, you confirm that you have read the payment terms of Kevin EU, UAB.
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