Deep linking support


Deep linking is disabled by default. In order to enable it, you need to enable it in Kevin plugin. Both in-app payments and account linking support deep links.
Future<void> main() async {
// enable deep linking
await Kevin.setDeepLinkingEnabled(true);
// initialize required plugins with your callback urls
await KevinAccounts.setAccountsConfiguration(
const KevinAccountsConfiguration(
callbackUrl: KevinCallbackUrl.single(callbackUrl: 'https://your.callback.url'),
await KevinPayments.setPaymentsConfiguration(
const KevinPaymentsConfiguration(
callbackUrl: KevinCallbackUrl.single(callbackUrl: 'https://your.callback.url'),
You can set up specific Android/iOS callback urls:
const KevinCallbackUrl(
android: 'app://your.callback.url',
ios: 'https://your.callback.url',
Additional setup is required for Android. More about deep linking: Android / iOS.